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We start new classes every  week. In just a few days with our experts,  you can build the skills and confidence to take your first solo flight.

         Some of my personal flights

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Membership cost:

* $300 - Day / Intro Class
   includes use of our equipment*

$2500 - Full membership

   Unlimited ground training

   Use of our equipment

   Up to 4 days of flying

       (  $300 up-charge for trike or quad training )


*  Cash




                                (313) 515-9744    
    Michigan Powered Paragliding LLC
Ypsilanti, MI 48197, USA

Our Updates:

09/ 01 / 2023
Memberships are still available

Summer is here! And so are we. Its a perfect time to learn to fly. Call and Register ASAP to make sure you're ready to enjoy all of the amazing opportunities summer flying can offer. Don't worry if it is to cold or to windy we use a sports dome for training as needed.


             PPG trip to

   St Thomas virgin Islands

Michigan Powered Paragliding instruction

At Michigan Powered Paragliding, we're all thrill-seekers. As far as we're concerned, nothing beats the rush you get from taking off from a park, field, or location of your choice and exploring the world from above. If you're anything like us, after your first solo launch, you'll be hooked. 

Michigan Powered Paragliding offers One-of-a-kind experiences


Explore the world -- and test your own limits -- in a way like nothing else. It'll be the most amazing moments of your entire life.

Some of our newest members to the club