Hello everyone! My name is Matt, I am an Army combat vet who is always up for a challenge! I have some general aviation experience and love being in the skies! (Hopefully blue skies!) I’ve known Caine for years, he was the one who introduced me to PPG. Being the spontaneous adventurous person I am, I gave it a shot! What an accomplishment it was to get up in the air after my training was completed.  It’s an experience of a lifetime, which I get to continue enjoying and have the pleasure in passing my knowledge and experience onto all of you. Helping new members is a passion of mine and is very rewarding. I love taking on new members with zero knowledge from day one to flying in a matter of 5-7 days. It’s very rewarding for me to see the excitement on peoples faces! Safety is key to learning anything new and I believe we strive for success with every member as safety is our main goal in mind. Being taught correctly, accurately and gaining that muscle memory will ensure in your success, which I take great pride in.

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michigan Powered Paragliding
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My name is Caine, For me It all started over 25 years ago when I took my first single engine flight lesson. Since then I have been trying to fly everything I could get my hands on. From small prop airplanes, large jets, powered paragliders and even radio controlled models. Basically anything that had a propeller or a wing. I achieved all my pilot ratings down in Norman Oklahoma. I then returned to Michigan in 1999 to begin my career and Instruct other students. I became  a professional pilot in 2001 Flying Citation Jets , Lear's  and Hawkers.  I am still a corporate pilot today, but still continue to work as an instructor to train or just answer questions. After getting into PPG flying a few years ago with the help of a friend, I could not wait to begin my next adventure with helping more people get into this amazing sport.